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Support the Orion Township Public Library All Year Long

As we celebrate Library Giving Day (April 3) and National Library Week (April 7-13), we want to highlight the valuable role libraries, librarians, and library workers play in transforming lives and strengthening communities. You can show your library love today, next week, and all year long by supporting the library with a gift or donation. Your support helps us achieve our purpose of enriching lives through education, connection, and exploration. Here are a few ways you can make a difference: 

Library WishList: Explore our online Wishlist to discover items that will enhance our library's offerings but are beyond the scope of our current budget. The list includes new play items for the Youth Activity area, library equipment, and even items available for check out in our More Than Books Collection. Every contribution, big or small, counts. 



Monetary Contributions: Your financial support fuels our efforts to create a vibrant and inclusive library experience. Whether it's adding to our collection, launching innovative projects, or expanding our programs, your donation makes a tangible impact. Consider supporting initiatives such as: 


  • A Mobile Library with technology services 

  • An outdoor storywalk for immersive reading experiences 

  • A community garden to foster connection and sustainability 

  • Enhancing accessibility with a paved connector to the Polly Ann Trail 

  • Investing in study room pods for more focused learning environments 

  • Redesigning an exploration space for older grade school children 

  • Installing commercial kitchen equipment for interactive culinary events 

  • Introducing a book vending machine in Downtown Lake Orion 

  • Enhancing our collections with supplemental items and resources 


Whether you choose a one-time gift or opt for recurring donations, your contribution helps us continue to innovate and serve our community. 



Modern public libraries are vital community hubs, offering more than just books. They provide spaces for learning, collaboration, and growth. Your ongoing support enhances our ability to deliver exceptional programs and services that benefit everyone in Orion Township. 


Join us in celebrating Library Giving Day, National Library Week, and beyond. Your support is invaluable, and we are deeply grateful for your commitment to our library's purpose. 


Thank you!

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