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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My child goes to Lake Orion Schools, but we live outside of Lake Orion. Can they get a card?
    Yes. Individuals who attend a K–12 school in, but do not reside in, the OTPL service area are eligible. Library privileges are restricted to the student only; family members do not qualify for library privileges.
  • How do I get a library card?
    You may get a library card if you are 18 years and older with proof of current address in Orion Township. Come to the front desk of the library with your driver's license or state ID so we can give you a card. Minors (under 18 years old) applying for a library card must have their application signed by a parent or legal guardian. Proof of address or proof of address for the parent or legal guardian signing the application is required. If you have recently moved and the address is not current on your driver's license or ID, please bring a proof of Orion Township address (a utility bill, lease agreement, etc) with your name on it along with your ID for us to validate and we can give you a card. Borrowing privileges will be suspended for patrons with fees exceeding $10.00 or lost items.
  • I lost my library card! Can I get a new one?
    Absolutely! We just charge $1.00 for the cost of a replacement card. Please visit the front desk.
  • Can I check my library card account online?
    Yes. On the library’s website, select My Account and then enter you library card barcode number and PIN number under Log in to access your record. You may also download our mobile app and login to your account with your library card number and PIN to check account information, search the catalog, put items on hold, and even check out your own materials in the library. The app is available in Android and iOS devices. Go to your app store and search "Orion Township Public Library" to find the app.
  • I live outside of Lake Orion. Is there a way I can borrow materials?
    You may come to OTPL and check out physical materials if you have a current library card with a library in the area that we have reciprocal borrowing agreements with. This includes all The Library Network (TLN) member libraries and Troy Public Library. Select this link to view TLN Member Libraries. Please visit our front desk with your valid driver's license or ID and your home library card and we can register you in our system. This will allow you to borrow physical materials only. These borrowing privileges excludes digital downloads or online resources.
  • How many items can I borrow at a time?
    Select this link to view a full list of item limits, listed under "Maximum Number of Checkout Items"
  • I need to pay for a lost or damaged item. How can I pay?
    Payment for lost items or damaged can be made in person at the Circulation Desk using cash, check or credit card. Credit card payments can also be made online with your library barcode and library PIN number.
  • Can I renew my materials?
    Our renewal limit is two renewals per eligible item. This excludes some items, such as new overnight movies. Here is a link to our Loan, Renewal, and Hold Schedule for renewal limits on specific items. We also have automatic renewals, so eligible materials will be automatically renewed at the time that they are due, as long as there are no holds on the items and the renewal limit has not been met. Digital loans on Libby and Hoopla will automatically return at the end of their loan periods. Digital loans do not automatically renew.
  • What else can I borrow besides books and movies?
    Glad you asked! We also have magazines, board games, video games, and puppets, and bikes to take on the PolyAnn Trail during the warmer months. We also have an ever-expanding More Than Books Collection that features things like instruments, tools, technology, VR headsets, lawn games, and so much more. Select the link to see all the great things we have!
  • I put something on hold. How long will you hold it and when can I pick it up?
    We will hold your materials for five days. MeLCat items delivered from other libraries we will hold for 10 days. Please pick up your materials on the shelves by the front desk in the lobby. You can also hold items in our 24/7 Hold Lockers to pick up any time at your convenience. Follow these steps to request and pick up your items at our 24/7 Hold Lockers: STEP 1. PLACE A HOLD REQUEST Select "24/7 Hold Lockers" as your pickup location. Hold requests can be made through our online catalog, mobile app, by phone, or in person. STEP 2. YOUR ITEM(S) ARE READY You'll receive an email or text message when your items are available for pickup. STEP 3: SELECT "24/7 HOLD LOCKER PICKUP" TO BEGIN Scan your library card barcode under the right light or type in your number using the touch screen, then type in your PIN. STEP 4: SELECT YOUR ITEM(S) AND CHECK OUT Select your items and choose "check out." Your assigned locker door will open. TAKE YOUR ITEM(S) AND REMEMBER TO CLOSE THE DOOR If you choose to get a receipt, it will print out from the back of the barcode scanning area.
  • What if I return something late?
    OTPL is now Fine Free on most items. If you do not return items after final due date, your account will be charged the replacement fee plus a $2 processing fee. MeLCat items from other libraries will still be charged $0.15 per day late fine. Visit the Fine Free section of our FAQ for more information.
  • How long can I keep library materials?
    Select this link to view the full list of Loan Periods for items
  • Can I check out eBooks from the library?
    We offer access to downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, music, movies, and magazines through Libby, hoopla, and Kanopy apps. For more information visit or contact the Adult Department at 248.693.3001. Only residents with a valid Orion Township Library Card to borrow digital materials. Local area reciprocal borrowing member library cards are unable to access digital materials.
  • Do you have a notary?
    We offer notary services by appointment only. Please contact the library at (248) 693-3000 x434 for Notary Public availability.
  • What programs are available for teens?
    There are always new and exciting programs for teens grades 6-12 at the library! Select this link to view upcoming Teen Events or contact the Teen Services Librarian at 248-693-3002 x414 for more information.
  • What programs are available for children?
    Storytimes for babies through preschool-aged children; Summer Reading Program; Battle of the Books for 5th graders; seasonal programs; and more! Select this link to view upcoming Youth Events or contact the Youth Department at 248-693-3002 for more information.
  • What programs are available for adults?
    We offer several ongoing book discussion groups. We also offer programs for adults on an ever-changing variety of educational and cultural topics; history, crafts, music, pop culture, local history, and exercise, just to name a few. To see what is happening at the library select this link to view upcoming Events for Adults or contact the Adult Department at 248.693.3001.
  • Can I recycle my old computer at the library?
    Yes! If you have an old computer, please bring it on over and drop it off at the big bin located right outside of the Makerspace in the Adult area of the library. Please see the list of what you can and cannot drop off below before visiting the library. Thank you!
  • Does the library provide homebound service to residents?
    Yes, our Outreach Services staff delivers library materials to Orion Township residents who have no other access to the library for as long as the service is necessary. Contact Monica Zalewski in Outreach Services at 248.693.3000 x416.
  • Are study or meeting rooms available for outside groups?
    Yes, meeting rooms are available to non-profit organized groups or civic organizations and require a reservation. For-profit organizations are charged a per hour fee. Reserve meeting rooms online at this link, or by calling 248.693.3000 x431.
  • Do you have study rooms available?
    Yes, study rooms are available for individuals or groups of up to 6 people for up to 2 hours per day. You do not need a library card to reserve a study room. Reserve study rooms online at this link, or by calling the adult reference desk at 248.693.3001.
  • How do I contact the library or a department of the library by phone?
    Please give us a call at 248.693.3000. Here is our voice mail guide: Press: 0 ……. Circulation (item renewals and holds) 1 ……. Hours & Location 2 ……. Adult and Teen Services 3 ……. Youth Services 4 ……. Outreach Services 5 ……. Volunteer Coordinator 6 ……. Room Rentals 7 ……. Friends of the Library 8 ……. Notary Appointments If you know your party’s extension number, you may dial it at any time. For a dial-by-name directory press the # key. Press 0 to speak with a Support Services Clerk
  • I heard I can get discounted tickets to the Detroit Zoo and different events like concerts with my library card. How do I do this?
    Through The Library Network (TLN) you can get a discount on tickets to the Detroit Zoo, as well as concerts and local Broadway shows! The Detroit Zoo Tickets & More Program allows patrons to purchase discounted admission tickets to the Detroit Zoo, save on discounted memberships, and discounted meal vouchers. You can even purchase a pre-paid parking voucher. For events like concerts and local Broadway, The Library Network also provides discounts through 313 Presents Access Members to select shows. View a list of upcoming shows at this link.
  • What technologies can I use at the library?
    The Orion Library offers computers for the public with internet access and Microsoft Office, and a photocopier for patron use. We host two Library Document Stations, allowing patrons to scan photos and documents to email, smartphone, tablet, USB storage, and fax. We provide wireless internet access to our patrons on their laptops or other devices, and we offer the ability to print from anywhere with any Internet / Email enabled device and claim your print jobs at one of our public printers. Visit our Computers, Printing, and Technology page for more information. The library also has a Makerspace with creative technology and software for patrons to enjoy. Visit our Makerspace page for more information or to make an appointment to use the equipment.
  • I heard that I can get discounted passes through the library. How do I do this?
    Your Michigan library card grants you access to Michigan Activity Pass (MAP)! Discover hundreds of Michigan's cultural destinations and natural attractions! You can "check out" FREE or discounted admission passes (or other exclusive offers) to hundreds of Michigan state parks, campgrounds, museums, trails, arts & cultural destinations, and more. Select this link to get started.
  • Does the library use volunteers?
    Yes, our volunteers help nearly everywhere in the library to provide support to library staff, enhance library programs, and accomplish special projects. Complete an online volunteer form at this link or call 248.693.3000 x435.
  • Do you have an app?
    We do have an app for Android and iOS devices for your convenience! Simply go to your app store and search "Orion Township Public Library" to find and download the app. To access your account, login with your library card number and PIN. You will be able to: check account information, search the catalog, put items on hold, see upcoming events, and even check out your own materials in the library.
  • What do the Friends of the Library do?
    The Friends act in cooperation with the library board and staff, serving as a liaison between the community and library. Money raised by the Friends is donated directly to the library in the way of program funding and material purchases. Contact the Friends at 248.693.3000 x470 or
  • What about hold times for items?
    Librarians consistently review not only the items on hold, but the number of patrons waiting for these holds. This allows OTPL to purchase extra copies of certain materials as needed.
  • What items remain subject to fines?
    Items inter-loaned from other libraries will remain subject to fines as defined by MeLCat.
  • Will I still get due date reminders?
    Automatic renewals continue on eligible items two (2) days before the due date. To ensure timely return of materials, overdue notices will continue as a courtesy. These notices will be sent 3, 10, and 30 days after the item was expected to be returned. An item will be deemed lost after 30 days and a lost billing will occur.
  • How will OTPL get items back without late fees? Couldn't I just keep what I borrow forever?
    Data from other fine free libraries lets us know that the majority of patrons return their items regardless of whether there are fines. Failing to return items after their renewal limits will cause the item(s) to be marked as lost and the borrower must pay the cost of replacement and a processing fee. This also applies for items that are damaged. We strongly encourage you to return any materials that have been considered lost on your account. Existing late fees will be removed as of September 6, 2022.
  • What does fine free mean?
    Based on several factors - including library policies state and nationwide, patron retention, and community needs - patrons will no longer be charged late fees on a majority of overdue items.
  • Don't fines help the library?
    The revenue generated from late fees has steadily declined over the past five years, with fines accounting for less than 1% of the OTPL budget. OTPL is fortunate to have a majority of its funding through a dedicated millage. If you would like to support the library, there are several ways to contribute, including direct monetary donations, becoming a Friend of the Orion Library, or sponsoring our cornerstone events like Summer Reading or the OTPL Road Rally.
  • When did OTPL become fine free?
    Tuesday, September 6, 2022.
  • How will I know when to return my items?
    Initial due dates will continue to be printed on your checkout receipt and sent via email or text, depending on preference. Holds, as well as due date extensions, will also be sent through your preferred form of communication. To learn more about due dates, please review the “Borrowing Information” section on our website at
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