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Diversity & Accessibility

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Diversity Collection

This collection features authors and subjects from historically underrepresented minorities in the publishing field. These books are not physically separated in the library’s shelves but are highlighted and made more easily locatable in the library catalog using a few key words.



Librarians began adding books to this collection in August 2022 and are working on adding existing titles as well as adding new titles monthly. The collection is intended to be a useful tool for locating works by underrepresented authors, and is not intended to be a comprehensive literature survey.

Volunteering Opportunities

We welcome special needs volunteers! We have opportunities to help with cleaning books and DVDs, shelving returned materials, helping with programs, and much more. Visiting our volunteering page or contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteers at Food Bank
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SNAP Programs

Special Needs Adult Programs are scheduled four times a year. These inclusive story times include crafts, treats, stories, and songs. Check out newsletter for dates, all special needs adults and caretakers welcome.

Interested? Questions? Contact Us

Collection Resources

Our collection has accessibility focused resources for children and adults.


Braille Books

Currently we offer braille only books, but we are adding braille and picture books, as well as braille and text books.


Discovery Kits

Discovery Kits include: My Emotions, My Body, Getting Dressed, Time, Spatial Relationships, Social Skills, Healthy Habits, Getting Around Town, Opposites, Cause and Effect, and Counting. These all-in-one kits contain 3-5 books, small toys, games and manipulatives pertaining to a concept or life skill. Especially great reinforcement for those visual and tactile learners


Hi/Lo Books

Hi-Lo is a term used to describe high-interest, low-readability books. Our collection incorporates mature, complex themes (high-interest) at lower reading levels (low readability). This combination engages readers by giving them content they want to read while setting them up for success. 


Memory Kits

Funded by a Library of Michigan Public Library Services grant, Memory Kits feature relaxing DVDs, photos, and activities in these kits are designed to help your loved one recall and reminisce. By helping them to recall positive experiences and memories from the past, the Memory Kits will not only validate the individual’s self-worth but also help you and your loved one connect. Topics include Animal Bingo, Autumn Memories, Cat Memories, Dog Memories, Farm Memories, Great Outdoors Memories, Handyman Memories, Homemaker Memories, Patriotic Memories, Spring Memories, Summer Memories, and Winter Memories.


Audio Book Collections

Youth, Teen, and Adult audiobooks on CDs, MP3 CDs. Downloadable eBook and eAudio collections available for eReaders, laptops, tablets, computers and smartphones. Accessibility options on OverDrive for those with visual impairments.


Large Print Collection

Large Print Youth and Adult books

Reading Braille in Library

Sensory Kits 

The Orion Township Public Library (OTPL) has expanded its services to community members with special needs by having Sensory Kits readily available at the library. Sensory Kits include weighted blankets, noise-cancelling headphones, tactiles, fidgets, and other sensory activity materials. Sensory Kit materials are intended to accommodate community members with special needs when they come to the library to volunteer, on school field trips, participate in a program, or just for a visit to the library with their caregiver. With items from a Sensory Kit, library users with special needs can have a more enjoyable and pleasant library experience.  

In-library Sensory Kits include: 

  • Wobbly Cushion 

  • 3 pair noise-cancelling headphones 

  • 2 weighted lap pads 

  • 1 fuzzy mitten 

  • 5 large silishape sensory circles

  • 1 fuzzy mitten 

  • 1 Snap & Click Snake 

  • 3 Flippy Chains 

  • 3 squish mesh balls 

  • 1 liquid motion timer

  • 3 squish basketballs 

  • 5 small silishapes 

  • 3 marble mesh fidgets 

  • 6 sensory shapes 

  • 2 Twisty Rattles 

  • 1 visual timer 

  • 1 squish peapod 

  • 6 squishy animal blocks 

  • 6 squishy number/shape blocks


A Sensory Kit with limited items is also available for checkout.  


This project is funded (in part) with a Library Services and Technology Act grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services administered by the Library of Michigan.  

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