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Orion Township Public Library Initiates Parking Lot Redesign Project

The Orion Township Public Library is working with Spalding DeDecker Engineering to embark on a comprehensive redesign and enhancement project for its parking lot. With a focus on optimizing functionality and improving user experience, the project aims to address key areas such as traffic flow and accessibility.

The proposed enhancements include the addition of a designated drive-through return lane and a convenient hold pick-up window, alongside improvements to streamline traffic patterns within the parking area. These upgrades are designed to enhance the overall efficiency and convenience for patrons accessing library services.

As part of the ongoing design process, the Library and its engineers will present the proposed site plan to the Orion Township Planning Commission during their meeting on April 17th, 7:00 PM. This presentation serves as an opportunity to share our vision for the project and gather valuable feedback from stakeholders.

During the planning and application process, it came to our attention that a Special Land Use Approval had not previously been obtained for our property. While the original site plan was approved in 1986 during the library's construction, evolving regulatory standards necessitate updated compliance measures. The Library is dedicated to ensuring full adherence to current requirements, reflecting our ongoing commitment to the community and regulatory standards.

It's important to note that the Orion Township Public Library's core operations and services will remain unchanged throughout this process. There will be no rezoning of the library property; rather, the proposed Special Land Use is aimed at facilitating the Library's continued operation as a public library. 

For further information or inquiries regarding the Special Land Use application, please contact the Orion Township Planning and Zoning Department at 248-391-0304 ext. 5002. For information regarding library services please contact Chase McMunn, Library Director, at 248-693-3000. We look forward to sharing further updates on this exciting project as it progresses. 

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