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Law and Government

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Legal Information Source

Legal Information Reference Center is an online database designed to assist the general public in legal matters of all kinds. It includes exclusive full text for many top consumer legal reference books, as well as thousands of legal forms.

Provided by the Michigan eLibrary

Michigan Legal Help

The Michigan Legal Help website was created to help people who need to handle simple civil legal problems without a lawyer. There are articles you can read to learn about a specific area of the law and toolkits to help you prepare to represent yourself in court. Some forms are completed automatically once you answer simple questions. The Michigan Legal Help website does not provide legal advice, and it is not a substitute for having a lawyer. If you need more help, you can search the website for a lawyer or community services in your area.

Librarian Recommended

Read It

Read It is designed for middle and high school students and adults who have a basic foundation in English grammar and reading but need adapted reading material for a variety of subjects. It offers resources to help build background knowledge, conduct research and improve study skills. Read It! content covers a wide range of subject areas including science, math, history, culture, civics, literature and life skills.

Provided by the Michigan eLibrary

Legal Source

Providing indexing and full-text coverage of the most respected scholarly law journals, Legal Source is the authoritative database for current issues, studies, thoughts and trends of the legal world. It is an excellent resource for attorneys, educators, business people, law librarians, students, paralegals and others involved with the law.

Provided by the Michigan eLibrary

Political Science Complete

Designed specifically for students, researchers and government institutions, Political Science Complete covers political topics with a worldwide focus, reflecting the globalization of contemporary political discourse.

Provided by the Michigan eLibrary

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